Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Introducing: ScrawlCards.com

Lions and Great Wizards

Our Scrawl Cards Blog has been created to allow our Scrawl Cards customers' to leave their feedback, as well as easily keep you up to date with the latest card additions here at Scrawl Cards.

The Srawl Range, as well as the (imaginatively titled) Scrawl More Range, have proved a great success. They are blank cards with a very funny quote on the front. Some from well known people. Some not.
ALL are very funny. It is our belief that there is a Scrawl Card out there for everyone.

Live Forever

In keeping with the aims of our parent website, ReallyFabCards.com to sell only well known branded cards, including the Scrawl Range and Scrawl More cards as a card range was an easy decision to make, as they are very popular in the UK and both ranges are very distinctive. This is no mean feat to achieve within the (immensely huge) UK card market!

The Opposite Sex

The success of the their sales has meant we decided to launch a card site dedicated to the range. We have included top sellers and will add more as they become available.

Alcoholics Unanimous

They are great cards and fabulous from the perspective of sending something that YOU as the sender find funny. We are of the view that discerning card senders mostly send cards that they like, rather than what they think the recipient likes! By selecting a card in our Scrawl and Scrawl More ranges, then you are letting the recipient know your current state of mind! We are confident hat they are among some of the funniest cards you can buy. Take care with your choices!

Greetings to you all.